Wizard Weed Chocolate Kush HCFSE Vape Cartridge 1 Gram

Wizard Weed Extracts presents these amazing carts for your enjoyment! We use the Ascera all

ceramic vape cartridge developed on Vancouver Island. We know its the highest quality

cartridge available and the quality shows in the impressive delivery of flavour and power. There

are no bad tasting burn in tokes, they taste fabulous from the very first pull to the last and they

deliver huge hits!

Don’t settle for chemical tasting carts with weird ingredients! We use only high quality full

spectrum oils and distillates in our vape cartridges and they taste authentic and clean. We do

not use viscosity sauce or artificial terpenes, can your cart supplier tell you that? Experience the

difference today!

Wizard Weed Chocolate Kush is a smooth and powerful indica oil with an incredible taste and a

marvellous effect! This all natural +80% High Terpenes High Potency Full Spectrum Extract has

been specifically designed to be as full bodied and full plant compound as possible. Experience

the difference today. Guaranteed to be unlike any other vape cart out there!

We recommend using a Voltair battery with this 510 thread cartridge.

Available in a 1 gram cart